A Touch Of Leather

243 A Touch Of Leather

I was recently approached by @streetwearsense and got featured on the Instagram page (do check it out, like and comment), they mainly feature street wear fashion and this happened to be the picture they featured.

In my own opinion, to put together a strong street wear look, you’ll need the following; a good pair of dark jeans, an outerwear i.e a puffer/bomber jacket or a fishtail parka, sweat pants (not everyday jeans or chinos), printed tees/cotton shirt/a hoodie, a cap, and kicks (very crucial they make or break the whole outfit).

This outfit was put together for a laid back day out looking for new materials to work with and also have a chilled time with my friends… As seen in the picture, I’ve gone for a red and black plaid shirt with a touch of leather which makes the shirt unique, a leather snap back (cap) which compliments the shirt, a black ripped denim, and finished off with the ultra-boost trainers.

Can I just stress how light and comfortable the ultra-boost trainers are. Need I say that trainers are going from a simple sportswear to a fashion statement. Today they come in a wide. Some are cheap and some are mad expensive still it is the perfect fashion statement to throw on a street look.

What are your must-cop streetwear pieces? Any iconic styles? Please comment below also remember to like and share…

Less I forget, its Black Friday this Friday and I’m sure you all are looking forward to the sales as much as I am…. don’t go crazy on the spending…

See you in my next post…







Black Kaviar Plaid Shirt

SectionClo Denim Pant

Adidas Ultra Boost Trainers

Starter Hat



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