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3001 Cool Kid

Growing up in the 90s I’m sure some of you can relate with the fact that being acknowledged or seen as a cool kid was one of the coolest thing that could ever happen to you lool…

The 90s was known for its evolving fashion trend. From the ripped jeans look to the timberlands boots, unbuttoned shirt over tees (this was definitely the cool guy look in the 90s), shirt or sweaters tied around your waist, snap backs, cargo pants and the list goes on…..

So today as you can tell from the title of the post, I’ve gone for the 90s cool kid look. I’m wearing a long white tee shirt, ripped jeans, timberland boots and a flannel shirt round my waist. Another way you can pull this look is to wear the shirt unbuttoned. Rocking buttoned up shirt in the 90s was a no no, you automatically become the nerd loool…. This is a casual and goes really well at social events or gathering..

The 90s look is making its way back so get ready guys…








Religion Long-line T-Shirt

Topman Flannel Shirt

River Island Denim

Timberland Boots



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