Dinner Date

171 Dinner Date

Dinner dates are the cornerstone for romance and your appearance is very important. Whether you are going for a first date, a blind date or just a casual day time date, knowing what to wear can be a little tricky.


Finding something suitable can be hard, but keeping it simple is the best cause of action. This John Galliano shirt I’m wearing is a superb choice. it is very colourful and it’s luxury at it’s best.


With new eye-wear designs floating around the market daily, it’s becoming more and more difficult finding something suitable for me. They either fit perfectly or just a total disaster. There are four basic types of face shape: Round, Square, Oval and Heart. I fall in the heart category which is why this Chrome Hearts piece is the perfect eye-wear for me and it compliments my outfit well.


Paying attention to detail is very important. It could be from a small stylish pocket square in your jacket breast pocket, to a boutonniere on your lapel or even a nice watch on your arm. This can drive a woman crazy as it screams style, chic and is shows as a man you pay attention to details. Jewellery on a man puts everything you wear together. That’s why I’ve gone for this simple Rolex watch, it goes well with every colour.


You can never go wrong with wearing a skinny trouser. One, they are currently in vogue and two they can be worn as a day or night time look. There are variety of skinny trousers and they are easily assessable and very affordable depending on what you are going for. This particular one I’m wearing is from Topman.


I cannot stress this enough, no matter how formal or informal your date is, pay attention to your footwear. Whether you are wearing a pair of trainers or slippers for your date, this is the first thing your date will see. Shoes say a lot about who you are, so make sure they are clean and stylish. This Salvatore Ferragamo shoes really compliment my whole outfit, both the colour and style. The hand stitched details and white belt top makes this piece unique in it’s own way and it stands out.


Whenever you are going for a date, or any outing for that matter always aim for a well groomed, sharp look and remember to stand out…. most importantly, have fun. The main purpose is to be confident and pay attention to your date. I sure did…

John Galliano Shirt

Topman Trousers

Salvatore Ferragamo Shoes

Salvatore Ferragamo Belt

Chrome Hearts Eye-Wear

Rolex Wrist Watch






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