Double Breasted

2231 Double Breasted

Hi guys, hope you all are having a wonderful week and Happy Thanksgiving to my American readers. We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here in the UK as you all know but we go crazy for the Black Friday sale that comes after.

Moving on swiftly, I know there are some of you out there still wondering what to wear for the Thanksgiving dinner you be a guest or the host. Since there is little to no time left to think about this, I’ve put together this simple yet smart look and I hope it will help somebody out there.

So in this picture, I’m wearing a button up white shirt, grey chinos, a navy blue loafer and blazer and I’ve finished off the look with my Tom ford eyewear (optional). I personally feel like adding a clear glass eye wear to an outfit gives you a sophisticated look you just need to find the right piece that suites you.

Obviously you don’t have time to go out shopping now so just look through your closet and recreate what you see in this post if you like it. You can tag me in you Thanksgiving outfit photos and I’ll post my top three favourite on my instagram page @t.dosumu or #tdosumu

Always remember fashion is all about being creative you just need to find what works old or new, mix and match and make it work.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all and see you in my next post….







White Vivienne Westwood 3 Button Collar Shirt

Topman Trousers

Zara Double Breasted Blazer/Jacket

Hudson Loafers

Tom Ford Glasses


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