Dress Up And Show Up

2681 Dress Up And Show Up

Formal or Casual? Both!!

Hey guys! Hope we are all having a fantastic week? I sure am. I got few things planned for the weeks to come and I am definitely excited about them. Also I have big news for you guys so keep reading.

You’re probably wondering what I mean by Formal or Casual, well this look explains it. As you’ll see I’ve pulled off this look without being too formal or casual at the same time by pairing the look with a coat. So I can wear this to the office and get away with it say on a Friday lol…..

So what really am I wearing you may ask? I’ve put together a white shirt, black jeans, brown double-breasted coat and brown shoes. The coat and shoe my friends is what brings out the formal part of the look and the shirt and jeans is what makes it casual hence Formal/Casual.

I hope you like this look and as always I always look forward to seeing your re-creations.

As mentioned earlier on in the post, the big news is….’drum roll please’… I am now adding a ‘STYLED BY ME’ session to the blog. So basically I get to showcase my work as a Personal Stylist so you get to see my creations on others and not just on myself.

Let me know what you guys think and if you want my services please feel free to contact me via the following:

Email: ‘blacribbonclothing@gmail.com’
Instagram: @blacribbonclothing or @t.dosumu

Better yet leave a comment and I’ll get through to you.

See you in my next post and stay tuned…………..















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