791 Graffiti

White shirts are one of the oldest clothing worn by men. It is the ultimate to-go clothing that can be worn at any season or occasion. It is one essential piece of clothing every man would want to have in his closet.

This look is an everyday look. I’ve paired this jean with a white long sleeved t-shirt and a brown high top sneaker which is another one of my favourite shoe which really compliments my head-wear.

If however, you are looking for something more exciting, you can pair a white t-shirt with a ripped or distressed jeans and women will swoon over you…. you can never go wrong with that  lol… you can also add a touch of black leather jacket or a denim jacket to make it stand out some more …






One thought on “Graffiti

  1. I agree with you that a white shirt is a must have in a man’s wardrobe. Aside from it’s versatility in terms of styling, a neat white shirt would be an attractive look on every man. I love me a man in white😊

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