2041 Mantle

Hi guys, I’m sure by now y’all warming up to the cold weather, and some of you are probably getting ready for Christmas already lol ..decorations are everywhere….

So, I’ve put together this very simple casual look for a warm autumn day. I’ve gone for a black short sleeve t-shirt,  black ripped denim, a white Balenciaga high and a beige cover up mantle to finish the look.

The Chichi Maison Mantle cover up might look flimsy but trust me it’s very warm as the inside is lined with fur wool which is one reason why I bought it.

One thing I’ll mention though, is how uncomfortable the Balenciaga High Top is. They feel heavy when worn and the top feels funny in the ankle area; and I don’t think I’ll be purchasing another pair. However, the low tops are more comfortable.

Let me know what you guys think and be on the look out for my next post….Cheers guys..









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