2031 Puffer

As winter makes it’s way in taking us into the sub-zero temperature slowly, I’d suggest you consider going for a outerwear haul because we might be in for a surprise this year.  

Anyways, I wore this outfit to watch a football game at the Wembley stadium with a client against my wish ONLY because the team playing was a rival team but overall it was a good game and a good experience..

It was such a cold evening but the jacket came through for me especially the hoodie. I know you might be thinking if it was a cold evening then why the ripped jeans? Well sometimes you have to choose looks over comfort. With fashion you have to do what needs to be done to look good.

Overall, if you’re looking for something a bit street rather than the formal overcoat look as featured in a previous post, then I’d suggest adding a puffer jacket to your autumn/winter collection. I particularly like the camo details on this jacket,(by now you’ll know I’m a huge lover of camo prints) it gives the jacket a edgy look and it stands out. I’ve paired it up with a denim from Sectionclo one of my favourite online stores and the top is a lovely longline top with a panel in front with lace droppings which makes it unique from any other top I own. And finally my I wore my timberland boot which really kept my feet warm (had to keep warm somehow lol).

Hope you like it guys. Please comment below what your thoughts are.

See you in my next post. Have a good week.







Black Cream T-Shirt

SectionClo Denim Pants

Superdry Jacket

Timberland Boots

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