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br-compslip-011 Ready To Ship

They say you can never have too many shoes, I’d say clothes included. These are the shoes and cloths I had to source out for a client and I had so much fun doing it as I had to broaden my search range.


This particular client has his own unique taste which is good so and I had to put in extra work to make sure he’s happy with my service. I literally worked for my pay cheque and I’ll do it over again if I have to. During the selection phase, my client chose items from runway shows and you know what that means. I had to go as far as calling the designer companies directly to ensure I got every single order. And did I mention aside having to call the designers directly, some of the items came from countries like Italy, Belgium and even America. This shows how far I’ll go to keep my clients happy.


By now you’ll know I had to shop for both clothes and shoes. While I don’t have a personal favourite in the clothing selection (I like them all), I can tell you I love the blue Giuseppe Zanotti Jewel Toe Sandals. This particular pair and colour was sold out and discontinued. Knowing me I don’t like going back to a client with bad news so I had to work my magic to make sure I did all I could to get it, and that’s exactly what I did.

BR CompSlip-01.jpg

Putting all this items together came with a lot of stress, but I equally had so much fun doing it ‘Hard work pays’. I experienced a new side to personal shopping and realised how far I’d go to make my clients happy.
Now let’s play a game called ‘Name the Brand’. In the comment section, name all the shoe brands to win yourself a gift. Good luck guys.

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