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2861 Street Wise

I personally don’t believe in following the trend when it comes to fashion. Don’t get me wrong I like to know what’s in vogue and what’s not so I’m on top of my game as a personal shopper, in the long run I’ll wear what makes me feel comfortable.

Anyways, this was the outfit I put together for the ‘Style by Me’ series. Very simple yet Street in my opinion. What makes it ‘Street Wise’ you might ask? Well the outfit is casual, I’m wearing comfortable jeans, a t-shirt, a hooded jacket and sneaker. The only thing I’m missing is a skateboard lol….. I’ll like to put a disclaimer at this point, I’m not saying this is the overall definition of street wise wear all I’m simply saying is that the outfit in this post is street wise compliant.

Ok now that we clear on that, lets talk about my khaki jacket. It is one of the warmest and winter friendly jacket I own, the inside is lined with fur which makes it very cosy, the colour is a popular outerwear colour for winter, overall its a winner.

The red sneakers has to be one of my favourite. I like them so much I have them in black which I’ve worn in one of my previous posts. They are very comfortable and I’ll recommend the brand.

See you in my next post…






Topman Jumper

Only&Sons Jacket

Topman Denim

Axel Arigato Sneakers

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