1901 Stripes

Jumper or Sweater as the Americans call it has to be one of my favourite clothing item. I live for a good pair of jumpers but unfortunately I don’t get to keep them for long as I find myself giving them away on request from friends.

Anyone can look good in a jumper and that’s one reason why I like it. Another reason is the fact that it can be worn in any season and can also be worn to pull off a smart formal look. It is one staple item every man should own due to its versatility.

In this picture, I’ve gone for a round neck stripy jumper and I’ve paired it with a black ripped denim and a pair of Alexander McQueen trainers. I’ve gone for silver accessory i.e watch and bracelet.

One thing to bear in mind when going for a stripy jumper is, while horizontal strips look more stylish and nice, vertical lines as seen in the picture makes you look taller if you are vertically challenged (lol). However, if you are leaning more on the bigger side, please stick to horizontal stripes… you get the drill guys….

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