Styled By Me: Log 1

2782 Styled By Me: Log 1

Hi guys, how’s your weekend going?????

So as mentioned in my previous post, here is the first ‘Style by Me’ log. In case you are wondering what I mean by ‘Styled by Me’, the idea is for you to allow me invade your privacy (lol),  go through your closet, play around with what you have and create a style for you. My friend has kindly volunteered himself to kick off this series.

I went for this stylish urban look. This is one look not everyone can pull off so be careful when choosing a shirt. Make sure the length of shirt is proportionate to your height if you are vertically challenged.. Anyways, I decided to keep things very simple by going for a white long line shirt, rolled up blue skinny jeans and burgundy loafer to finish the look. FYI, if you can’t lay hands on a long line shirt, you can get away with this look by wearing a t-shirt and a long line cardigan.  

This look is strictly casual hence it cannot be incorporated into a formal or smart casual look. I’d also at this point like to say that not everybody can pull off this look. Simplicity and confidence is key with this look.

Overall, I hope you guys enjoyed this as much as did crating it. It was fun and spontaneous, I really enjoyed working with my friend and I can’t wait to show you the next look.

If you are interested in featuring in this series, feel free to contact me via insta: @t.dosumu,  @blacribbonclothing, email: or just leave a comment below.

Enjoy your weekend guys.






River Island Shirt

Topman Denim

Poste Loafers




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