Styled By Me Log 2

Styled By Me Log 2

Hi guys, sorry I’ve been away for a while, I’ve been getting messages from people asking what I’ve been up to and the truth is I’ve been busy with work (personal shopping for clients) and also putting amazing content together but I’m back now with another ‘Style by Me’ series Log 2.

A friend of mine asked me to style him for an event he was attending. The difference this time was that he didn’t have the necessary outfit in his wardrobe so we went shopping. He wanted to go for a smart/casual look and I knew just what he needed.

For this look, I decided to pair a suit and sneaker together. I know pairing this look requires some amount of self confidence, I knew my friend will rock this look with pride. One thing to bear in mind is that you can’t just pair any sneakers with a suit. Your suit needs to be fitted and modern so does your sneakers.


I’ve always said that every man needs one or two suits in his wardrobe it’s a necessity. We picked the suit from Topman and decided to pair it with a light-weight roll neck top. Note that this look can be paired nicely with either a skinny fit piece or a slim fit piece. Anything baggy will take attention off the sneakers. So for this event, I went for a cropped skinny fit trouser. To finish off the look, I added a few bits of accessory to compliment the look. Black hat, clear frame eyewear, a white gold hand chain and a white gold watch.


Sneakers are comfortable wears so I’ve gone for a white Lacoste sneaker for a clean look, You can also go for a crisp white shoes to which there are a lot about currently.

Watch out for this look, it will be the next big trend in men’s fashion.

If you would like to feature in the next series of Styled By Me at no cost to you, then leave a comment or email me, you can also put something like this together yourself and tag me in it. You can find me on the following social media:

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Topman Roll Neck

Topman Suit

Lacoste Sneakers

Public Spectacle Glasses

Topman Hat

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