Summer Sixteen

13 Summer Sixteen

I like this outfit as I feel like it is the perfect outfit for summer… I mean c’mon guys you can never go wrong with wearing shorts during summer ..legs day is really paying off lol…… I also feel like this outfit goes with my caramel skin color LMAO.



I am a simple person and most times I like simple things even if its the most expensive type of clothing. The simple things really matters to me and this could be as simple as the material or detailing on a piece of clothing. The simplicity of this outfit is such that it can be for a casual day time look for when you’re out and about or can even be worn to a bbq…


This reminds me of the Craig David song ”Walking Away” loool. Packing my bag and leaving but lord knows ain’t going nowhere as this is just the beginning of more to come. The area in which this pictures were taken is a very beautiful scenery for a perfect summer chill zone…


This Woodland holdall bag is one of my favorite bags in terms of the coffee color and also the quality of it. Need I say it comes in handy every time I’m trying to pack a little luggage or a change of outfit.


After it’s all said and done I think the phrase for this outfit is ”Simplicity Is Key” and I feel like this picture says it all, moving on from the outfit and all, as the day ends I felt like this view from Pontoon Dock riverside makes the perfect ending for this post.

Blue Shortsleeve Shirt

Brown Chinos Short

Clarks Slippers

Woodland Holdall Bag

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