Summer Time Crisp

9 Summer Time Crisp


Most men like to keep their dress code very casual regardless of the occasion. I must say though it is one of the most comfortable dress code, its quick and easy provided its styled properly.

It’s safe to say that majority of men including myself have a couple jeans and shirts up in our closets with a couple cooperate wear for days we feeling a little formal. Collared shirts are the most stylish shirt that can be worn casually. Whether it’s paired with trousers or jeans as you’ll see below….

Fit is King hence, I’ve paired this ripped jeans with a simple collared shirt which makes it go nicely with the low top shoe. I call this a ‘crispy look’….







Vivienne Westwood Shirt

Sectionclo Denim

Converse Plimsolls


To be continued……..

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