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Hey blog fam, hope you guys are having a fantastic week? Just want to use this opportunity to say a big THANK YOU to all those that take time out to read my blog, you guys keep me going …

Moving on, Its been freezing out here in London and it’s not even winter yet, we in for a very cold one.. Anyways, I’m just out and about on the streets of London shopping for a client so I decided to share my look of the day with you hopefully I can inspire someone. Here I’m wearing a checked shirt, black jeans and black jacket really simple right? and the good thing is you can get them all from Zara.. even better 🙂

One thing outstanding in this picture is the shirt. I feel like check shirts are seasonal, they’re here now and gone tomorrow and they back again but one thing is they can be used to pull any look if styled correctly.







Zara Plaid Shirt

Zara Light Jacket

Zara Denim Pant

Clarks Chelsea Boots

Howlin’ By Morrison Beanie Hat

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